SPSS: Reauthorizing the License (Mac)

Reauthorize SPSS on a Mac Computer

(NOTE: The authorization process for SPSS described in this article is the same or nearly identical for versions 20,21,22,23 etc.)

1. Open SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard.

SPSS Licensing Wizard icon.

2. Click Next to begin the reauthorization process.

SPSS showing program is not currently licensed.

3. Select License my product now.  Click Next.

Selecting license my product.

4. Enter the Authorization Code.  (20-digit Code given to you by ITS)     

Don't have an Authorization Code?  To purchase a code, refer to the Purchasing Instructions on the SPSS: LSU Overview.

5. Click Next.

Entering SPSS license code.

6. Click Finish.

Referenced from: IBM.com

3/18/2024 12:16:37 PM