SPSS 22: Reauthorizing the License (Windows)

Archived Historical Data: Not Actively Maintained.

Licensing SPSS 22 on a Windows Computer

1. Open the Licensing Wizard, then select the Start button. Click IBM SPSS Statistics, then select IBM SPSS Statistics 22 License Authorization.

2. On the License Status window, click Next at the bottom right.

 License status

3. Select License my product now and click Next again.

Product authorization

4. Enter the Authorization Code (20-digit Code given to you by ITS).    

(Don't have an Authorization Code?  To purchase a code, refer to the Purchasing Instructions section on the SPSS: LSU Overview.)

5. Click Next again.

Enter Authorization code

6. Click Next again.

 Authorization status

7. Click Finish at the bottom right. Licensing has now been completed.

Licensing complete

Referenced from: IBM.com


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