Emergency Procedures: Overview

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Current Emergency Procedure

Visit the LSU Police Department Website (www.lsu.edu/police) directly.

Visit the LSU Emergency Preparedness Website (www.lsu.edu/erp) directly.

Text Messaging System

Subscribe to LSU's Emergency Text Messaging System    OR   UNsubscribe from LSU's Emergency Text Messaging System.

In the event of any emergency, LSU's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be activated.

Emergency Text Messages are also sent via e-mail from "LSU eTXT!" (lsu@getrave.com). Please follow the appropriate link below to ensure that these messages are always delivered to your inbox.


Helpful Information

In an effort to increase campus security, LSU has implemented the use of an Emergency Text Messaging System to inform students and faculty of any events that may pose a threat to campus safety. Along with the Emergency Text Messaging System, LSU offers a variety of other ways to stay informed and be prepared in case of an emergency. The following are a list of safety tips and emergency phone numbers that will help provide for a safe and healthy campus environment.

1. Emergency Phone Numbers- Be Prepared

  • LSU Police Department: 225-578-3231

  • Baton Rouge Police Department: 225-398-2000

  • Campus Transit: 225-578-5555 (hours of operation: 5:30 pm-2:00 am)

2. Emergency Procedure Information- Stay Informed

  • Emergency Text Messaging System: Students and faculty can register for the university's E-Text system through the myLSU Portal (my.lsu.edu).  View instructions on how to subscribe.

  • Broadcast E-Mail: All users with a university e-mail address will receive a broadcast e-mail concerning event on campus.

  • LSU Website: Accessing the University Website at www.lsu.edu will offer users a wide range of information concerning all campus activities.

3. Lock your doors and windows

  • Keep the doors to your car and residence locked at all times.

4. Be aware of your surroundings

  • Report any suspicious behavior to the LSU Police Department.

  • Keep valuables out of sight.

  • Do not walk in areas you are not familiar with, especially after dark.

5. Walk in groups whenever possible

  • Use Campus Transit.

  • Walk with a friend or friend group.

6. Look out for those around you

  • Be a part of the LSU community- look after your friends and neighbors and make sure they are taking the the proper safety precautions.

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