myLSU Portal: Submitting an Ad

MyLSU Portal: Submitting an Ad 


General Information

LSU Departments may submit advertisements that will be posted on the myLSU Portal Home Page and on the subpages.  The goal is to give Departments an easy way to promote free university related events.  Please Submit Requests at least 5 Days BEFORE you want the Ad to be POSTED.

Guidelines for an Ad

All Ads MUST adhere to the Following University Rules & Regulations:

  • Only LSU Departments may submit Ads.
  • Ads MUST be for official University Events & Services.
  • Departmental Ads will be Approved if the event is of general importance to LSU Staff, Students and / or Faculty.
  • All Ads MUST contain the Name of the Registered Department Responsible.
  • Ads may run for up to 2 Weeks at a time.  (Fourteen Consecutive Days.)
  • In case of more Ad requests than can be accommodated, preference will be given to Requests Submitted First.
  • NO Fundraisers.  

Submit an Ad

Submit your Ad Request via e-mail to

  • Specify who the Audience is, this will ensure that your ad is placed in the appropriate Area for Audience Specific Recognition.  (Role Based Ads directed towards Students, Staff, Faculty, etc.)
  • Specify the URL that the Ad should link to.  (Example: Your website or the event's website.)
  • Specify the Date you want the Ad to be Posted.  (Please submit your Request 10 Days BEFORE the Date you want the Ad to be POSTED for best approval chances)

  • Specify the Title of the event, and include a description (alt text) of any image used in the Ad to be ADA Compliant.

  • Attach the Ad File.  (file type should be a JPG or a GIF, and don't forget to SAVE FOR WEB)

Measurements of the Ad

  • Large Ad - 1009 x 386 Pixels.
  • Small Ad - 395 x 151 Pixels.

my LSU ad specs

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