SQL: What is SQL *Plus?

Archived Historical Data: Not Actively Maintained.


SQL *Plus,  is installed with every Oracle Database Server or Client installation on any given desktop. 

SQL *Plus provides access to the Oracle Database, and has its own commands and environment.  Through it, you are able to enter and execute  PL/SQL, SQL, and SQL *Plus and operating system commands to:

  • Perform calculations on, store, print, and format from query results.
  • View object and table definitions
  • Run and develop batch scripts
  • Perform database administration

SQL *Plus can be used to make reports interactively, generate reports as batch processes, and to output the results to screen, text file, or to HTML file for browsing on the Internet.  You can make reports dynamically by using the dynamic reporting capability of iSQL *Plus , or using the HTML output facility of SQL *Plus to generate reports dynamically.

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