SQL: How is Searching Databases Different from Searching the Web?


The main academic literature of a subject area are index in the majority of subject specific databases.  Information found on the Web is most often not as reliable or complete as articles held by databases. There is a great deal of relevant information found on the Web.  Unfortunately,there is a large amount of unsubstantiated and irrelevant information contained within the Web.

Although they are available through the Web, library databases can be accessed only through a subscription.  You can use your CSU (Channel Service Unit) Online password and username to access the databases the Library subscribe.

Instead of surfing the Web for them, it is sometimes easier to find your desired article collection by searching the right database. A person reviews and gives each article its subject headings, so unlike the Web, they are well indexed.  By using keywords or headings relevant to the articles you are searching for,  you should be able to find them and other relevant articles as well.


Referenced from: mySQL

11/6/2023 12:19:03 PM