SQL: What is a Database?

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A collection of certain information, or a database, is a grouping of individual records which is searchable by a computer user. Databases can contain certain reports, materials used in conferences, and other various types of information.

The following is a list of things to remember when dealing with databases:

  • Within Databases, subject areas collect together specific articles.  Subjects could be very defined (eg. English psychology) or somewhat general (eg. transportation
  • By using keywords, you can search databases for specific articles.  Phrases or combined keywords can allow you to focus searches for articles pertaining to your topic.
  • Citations or references, sufficient information to help you find the article, are usually provided by databases.  Citations normally include: the article's author and title; the name of the journal, its issue and volume numbers, date and pages; headings for the subjects and usually a summary of the article. The full text of the article is sometimes available.
  • Periodicals can be called journals, magazines, or serials.

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