Modular Messaging: Voicemail Setup Instructions

General Information

If you have not already done so, please first submit a Work Order request at to order voicemail services for your extension. 

The FIRST TIME that you access your LSU Voice Mail mailbox. ** Omission of ANY OF THESE STEPS will prevent your mailbox from working properly. Please read thoroughly. **

How To Access LSU Voice Mail

From Your On-Campus Phone:

1. Dial 8-5600 on your office or on-campus telephone.

2. You will hear your First Name & Last Name.

3. Enter your Password for LSU Voice Mail & Press #.  

**NOTE: If you have not yet created a Password for LSU Voice Mail, the default password is "1". To Create a Permanent Password:

  • Press "1" & then Press "#".
  • Select to "Create a Permanent Password".  
  • Must have a Minimum of 3-digits & Cannot begin with the number “0”.
  • Record your Spoken Name when prompted.

4. Continue to section B below.

From An Off-Campus Phone:

A. Set up your voicemail password.

1. Dial your campus phone number (i.e., 225-578-XXXX).

  • Note: If on campus, simply dial your five-digit extension (8-XXXX).

2. Press * during the greeting.

3. Press * again when prompted. 

4. Log in using your 5 digit LSU extension (4-xxxx or 8-xxxx). At the prompt for you to enter your password, enter the default password of "1" followed by the # sign. You will then be prompted to create a permanent password that is a minimum of 3 digits and cannot begin with “0”.

5. Once your password is set, the system will prompt you to record your spoken name.

6. Continue to section B below.

NOTE: If you are calling from a campus extension that already has a voicemail box active, you will need to enter *# (star, pound) to enter a different extension.

B. Next you will need to record your personal greeting:

  1. From the main menu, press 3 to Administer Personal Greetings.
  2. Press 1 to record your greeting. Follow the system prompts to accept or change your greeting.
  3. After recording your greeting, press 0 to play it back.
  4. If you approve, press #, to re-record press 1.

C. Your voicemail has been activated for 4 rings. If you would like to change the number of rings, please call 8-4015 for assistance. 

NOTE: Please call 578-4015 if you need additional assistance.


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