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General Information

Audio conferencing services enable a meeting to be conducted without the need for all of the participants to meet in a single location. These services enable meetings to be planned and arranged such that the actual meetings are conducted by bringing participants together by telephone or through the Internet-- anytime and anywhere.

Audio services are all available on a single state contract. International connections are available as a part of these services, with rates varying by country. 

The Audio Conferencing service can be accessed with a landline, mobile phone or through Voice over Computer. After an agency subscribes to the service, access information will be provided to the agency for the host to use. The host, or meeting organizer, will be responsible for the conference set ups. The host will be responsible for providing the conference access information to the conference attendees. The access information includes a toll free number and PIN or a URL depending on the conference type and the date and time of the conference event.


Available Services

Audio Conferencing through AT&T:  AT&T Audio Only Conferencing is a standalone, reservationless, usage-based Host subscription. The service is accessed through a landline or mobile device. This service supports up to 250 participants on a single call. Host are provided with pre-determined dial-in numbers (toll free and 1+10-digit caller paid) and access codes to conduct conference calls anytime and anywhere. Audio Only Conferencing incurs usage-based billing at a cost per minute and per participant, allowing host to pay only when they utilize the service.


Eligibility & Billing Rates

For pricing details refer to AT&T Contract 4400012994 effective Sept. 2017- Sept. 2020 on the Office of State Purchasing website. The audio-only conferencing costs $0.019 per minute and per participant. Departments need to approximate the cost for one year, depending on the expected usage. You can view the international rates attached to the article.

Ordering / Request Procedures Forms

Submit a state contract requisition to purchasing in the amount of the annual estimated usage (the audio-only conferencing costs are $.019 per minute and per participant). Select AT&T – AT&T Teleconference Services (SPL-27874) as the supplier. In the quantity field, list the estimated annual expenditure. Select US Dollars as the unit of measure, and list $1.00 as the unit cost. Reference state contract 4400012994 in line item memo section.

Complete an OTS form NS-101. Add the Purchase Order number to the form when you receive it from LSU Procurement Services.

Louisiana Division of Administration website has an Excel form and Instructions document for download available under the 'Forms' tab.

Submit the online request ( so an IT specialist may approve the request and send it to be processed. Attach the completed form NS-101 to the online request.

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