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Verify that your myLSU ID or EMAIL ADDRESS is Correct LSU Faculty, Staff, and...
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Accounts & Eligibility Information 1. myLSU Account ID ( myLSU ID: LSU Overview ) The myLSU Account (myLSU ID) is used to grant...
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Please note the following about secondary Accounts: There is a 40 character (Alpha Numeric Only) limit including spaces for display names. Display names must have at least two words, none of which can begin with a numeral. There is a 16 character limit for logon ID's. There is no fee as long as the groups/clubs are LSU...
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General Information The LSU Alumni Association offers graduates of LSU a FREE ( e-mail account. This service is powered by Office 365 for Education . Available To: Graduates of Louisiana State University ...
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Requesting a Sponsored Guest Account All LSU Sponsored Guest Accounts must have a sponsor. A sponsor is someone that is directly employed with LSU that serves as the primary contact for the guest. The sponsor will receive and distribute the account information to the guest. To request a sponsored guest...
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Guest Accounts for Wireless Connectivity There are varying reasons for creating a LSU NetGuest Account. Any full-time member of the LSU Faculty or Staff may request a NetGuest Account in order for a campus visitor to be able to access the LSU guest wireless network from their own equipment.
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