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Modular Messaging: Checking Voicemail After setting up your Voicemail box, you can follow these steps to check any messages that have been left for you. When on-campus: Dial 8-5600. When the system answers, enter your voicemail password...
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Modular Messaging: Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is my password? The original password for your Modular Messaging Voicemail account is simply the number 1. We do not keep a record of your password once you’ve changed it from the number 1 at the first login. For security reasons this is not allowed. If...
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Modular Messaging: Get Messages Menu...
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Modular Messaging: Personal Greeting Menu...
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This quick reference guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform important tasks when using the Modular Messaging system through the AUDIX® telephone user interface (TUI). For a modular messaging FAQ, visit this GROK article: Modular Messaging FAQ . Also visit this GROK...
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Modular Messaging: Record / Send Messages Menu...
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General Information If you have not already done so, please first submit a Work Order request at to order voicemail services for your extension. The FIRST TIME that you access your LSU Voice Mail mailbox. ** ...
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To Listen to Messages By Using the Modular Messaging Web Client: 1. Launch an internet browser. What are the LSU Web Browser Standards ? NOTE : Users who log on to Web client with an...
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General Information Enhanced Voice Messaging automatically copies all voice messages from the user Modular Messaging voicemail box to the user e-mail inbox. Voice messages are saved as sound file attachments. The body of the email can include caller ID information if available. Messages delivered through this service are viewable from any...
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