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General Information CrystalDiffract 6 is an all-new, stand-alone program, designed to make the world of X-ray and neutron powder diffraction intuitive, interactive - and fun!
Article Id: 18767
Category: CrystalMaker Diffract

General Information SingleCrystal is an elegant program designed to make the world of diffraction, reciprocal lattices, and stereographic projections intuitive, interactive and fun!
Article Id: 18772
Category: CrystalMaker SingleCrystal

General Information OPUS is a software that can be used to analyze and view infrared spectra collected on the LSU Chemistry Department’s Bruker Tensor 27 or Alpha FT-IR instruments . Pre-Installation...
Article Id: 17178
Category: OPUS

General Information Gaussian is a software package used for calculating molecular electronic structure and properties. Gaussian is used by chemists, chemical...
Article Id: 16867
Category: Gaussian

To Install GaussView: Analyze whether the system has automatically mounted the GaussView DVD and if it has not, mount it. Change to the C shell, and set the g16root and mntpnt environment variables: $...
Article Id: 18780
Category: GaussView

General Information GaussView is a program that helps you prepare input to Gaussian by using visual guides when simulating molecules and reactions, and also examine the output from...
Article Id: 18744
Category: GaussView

General Information IDL 7.0 is a software program designed to analyze data or imagery. College students who plan to become...
Article Id: 9397
Category: IDL

1. Visit the LabVIEW Tigerware page. 2. Select Log In To Download .
Article Id: 18837
Category: LabVIEW

To Install LabVIEW on a Windows Operating System: 1. Log in to TigerWare to download. 2. Click the Labview: Software Platform Bundle Download Tool (Windows) to download the...
Article Id: 18756
Category: LabVIEW

Article Id: 14805
Category: LabVIEW