Bomgar: LSU Overview

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General Information

Bomgar is a tool used at LSU in order to provide Secure Remote for any system or device.  It provides desktop support & troubleshoot  compatible with most desktops & mobile devices.  Technology Support Professionals (TSPs) working in Departments External to ITS can choose to participate in the LSU Concurrent License Agreement with Bomgar.  See below instructions on How to Request a Bomgar Account.

The ITS Service Desk uses Bomgar to provide our LIVE Chat with an Analyst.  View more information on the ITS Service Desk Chat Feature.

Training & Support

Also see the attached Bomgar Documents at the bottom of this Overview for more specific information on using Bomgar to connect remotely to another desktop computer.

Who Can Request a Bomgar Account?

ONLY  LSU Technology Support Professionals (TSPs) or the IT Contact for your Department can request a Bomgar Account.  This request should be sent to the Service Desk. ITS Service Desk.  (

You will receive your NEW Bomgar Account AFTER the Internal Transaction is (1) Created in the LSU Mainframe and is (2) Issued by your department’s Business Manager to ITS. 

What is the Cost to use Bomgar?

All of the Bomgar Accounts that are created at ITS are Concurrent User Licenses, Cost for One Bomgar concurrent account is $1200/yr. Should a department choose to share one Bomgar concurrent account with another department, the cost is $840 per year.

How do I Create an Internal Transaction in the LSU Mainframe?

(Checks & Credit Cards are also accepted. By request ONLY.)

1. Log into the LSU Mainframe General Ledger System* (GLS) with the following information:

  • The ITS Account Number is PG003251
  • The Object Code is  3890
  • The Transaction Type is  X
  • The Customer’s Object Code is  4251
  • The Customer's Transaction Type is  X  

(NOTE:  Please direct ALL Accounting Questions to your local department's business office.)

2. Prepare the Internal Transaction (IT):  

  • Debit [your budget code] for the following:
    • $840 for a "One Year License to use Bomgar, a Secure Remote Support Tool"
  • Leave the Status of the Internal Transaction (IT) set as:
    • "Incomplete"

3. Send the IT Number to the ITS Service Desk:

4. Go to, enter the session key that was generated for you, and press submit.