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When creating a new task in GanttProject, it may be useful to associate the task with a previous task. For instance, if the new task is related to an existing task, the existing task can be labeled as a predecessor to the new task. The following steps will show the user how this is accomplished in GanttProject. Setting a Predecessor for a...
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Installing ProjectLibre 1. Log in TigerWare . Type ProjectLibre into the search bar and hit Enter .
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General Information ProjectLibre is an open source alternative to Microsoft Project. It is also the new updated version of OpenProj. The developers of OpenProj A compliment to Apache OpenOffice and...
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To Install XMind on a Mac OS X Operating System: 1. Visit the XMind TigerWare page . 2. Click the Log In To Download button.
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To Install XMind on a Windows Operating System 1. Log into TigerWare . 2. Click the download link found under Download for Authorized Users .
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General Information XMind 3’s mission statement is to create, as a community, the leading international idea mapping and brainstorming software that will run on all major platforms and raise users' work efficiency. The XMind 3 open...
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