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General Information RealPlayer is a FREE video player, a video converter, and a media player. RealPlayer is compatible on many mobile phones and portable devices; RealPlayer plays a wide variety of audio and video files in addition...
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General Information Keynote is an application for Mac that is very...
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General Information Prezi is a presentation program that offers an innovative way to display presentations. The format of Prezi presentations vary from traditional...
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After creating a Prezi account, you can now begin to create your prezi. To Create a Prezi: 1. Make sure you have selected All prezis on the left side of the screen, then click Create a new prezi .
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Prezi Desktop is a feature on that allows users to work on their Prezi presentations offline. The option of creating and saving a Prezi offline is made available only to Prezi "Pro" members. Prezi Desktop can be installed on any computer and the files can be stored locally or uploaded to your online...
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Prezi requires the same system requirements as Adobe AIR . Note: Prezi Desktop is not officially supported on Linux. Windows: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbook class...
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Two key modes are available on Prezi: Edit mode and View mode . Edit Mode: Edit Mode is where Prezi users can create and configure a prezi. To edit a prezi, hover over the desired prezi and select the Edit ...
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Prezis can be embedded in a website or blog. Using HTML Code will be necessary to embed your Prezi. You can obtain the necessary Code from their personal Prezis. To Embed a Prezi: 1. Go to your My Prezis Dashboard.
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Flash files can be inserted into your Prezi from the Edit Mode. To Insert Flash Files: 1. Go to the My Prezis Dashboard 2. Hover over the desired prezi and click the blue button labeled " Edit Prezi...
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Prezi: Inserting Images Inserting images can be found on the Edit Mode option of a prezi. After creating a prezi or opening the prezi already created, hover over the desired prezi and click "Edit Prezi." Then do the...
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