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General Overview This article explains how to set up an iPhone to use the Modern Authentication protocol for accessing the LSUMail e-mail system. iOS 10 Limitations Please note you will only be able to use the Outlook application for LSUMail if you...
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Category: Setting Up LSUMail

General Information Microsoft Office is a suite of products developed by Microsoft which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Pre-Installation...
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Category: Office 2016

Vending Resources for Microsoft Office 1. Free Self-Paced Training Courses for ALL VERSIONS of Microsoft Office: Office Online Training Courses Microsoft Imagination...
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Category: Office 2016

Configure LSUMail with Microsoft Outlook 2016 Note : Depending on the version of windows being used, some windows/dialog boxes may have a slightly different appearance. 1. From the Start Menu, search for the Control Panel .
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Category: Getting Started

To Download and Install Office 2016 for Windows via On The Hub: 1. After retrieving your key from On The Hub , select the Start Download button.
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Category: Getting Started

To Install Microsoft Office 2016 through TigerWare: 1. Uninstall any Beta or Trial Versions of Microsoft Office 2016. (Required) 2. Download Microsoft Office 2016 from TigerWare .
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Category: Getting Started

General Information On The Hub is a the Recommended Download site offered to LSU Students. It is available for downloading Microsoft Office 2016 & other software packages with an Educational Discount. This method provides a FREE Authorization Key that can be used on ONE...
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Category: Getting Started

General Information Activate Microsoft Office 2016 when you are on-campus. TSPs Only - Download Microsoft Office 2016 from TigerWare . If you...
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Category: Activate Software License

Microsoft Office 2016: MAK to KMS 1. Connect to the LSU VPN . (ONLY If you are OFF-campus) 2. Open the command prompt with Administrative...
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Category: Activate Software License

General Information If you are having trouble activating your Office 2016 installation, you can try manual activation. If it fails to activate, this process will give you a meaningful Error which can be used to solve the issue. Manually Activate (KMS / Enterprise Server) 1. If you...
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Category: Activate Software License