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Security: Avoiding Social Engineering & Phishing Attacks DO NOT Give Your Sensitive Information to ANYONE. Exceptions are made only if you are CERTAIN that they are indeed who they claim to be and that they NEED access to the information for a critical service. What is a...
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Why Do I Need a Password? Think about the number of PIN numbers, passwords, or passphrases you use every day: getting money from the ATM or using your debit card in a store, logging on to your computer or e-mail, signing in to an online bank account or shopping cart...the list seems to just keep getting longer. Keeping track of all of the number,...
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Federal Trade Commission "Take Charge: Fighting Back Against Identity Theft” United States Department of Justice Identity...
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General Information The Microsoft Campus License Agreement (CLA) is targeted toward higher education institutions. It is designed to help large institutions effectively acquire & distribute Microsoft products. The program allows LSU to pay a “per-head” amount and then be able to have any of its faculty and...
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What is TigerWare? TigerWare is an advanced, award-winning web-based online software distribution that provides LSU with a key IT infrastructure advantage – a centralized "warehouse" for distribution of licensed software and a ‘clearinghouse’ of information about access to software. TigerWare can be accessed on the web...
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List of Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to FilestoGeaux: What is FilesToGeaux? FilesToGeaux is a service which allows you to upload arbitrary files to our Web server. Once you’ve uploaded your file(s), the server will give you a url which you can use to access the files. The url can be sent via e-mail, messenger...
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