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To View the Gradebook in Course Grade Breakdown View: Log in to Moodle and choose the desired course. At the left of your screen select Course Tools .
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The Course Grade Total in the Moodle Gradebook can be exported to create a file for posting directly to myLSU for Midterm or final post grades. To Create a Course Grade Total...
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Description The Gradebook Builder is a tool that allows you to create a basic gradebook with categories and graded items using a template. In a few simple steps, you can add a grade category, add graded item(s), choose the grading method, and set category weights if necessary. As the information is saved, the gradebook structure...
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The Projected Final Grade tool in the gradebook calculates what grade a student can make on ungraded activities to receive a desired final course grade. This tool can be used only by the course instructor, or it can be enabled by the instructor for students to use also. Users are able to fill in possible grades for any items that have not yet received scores, and...
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Grading in Moodle involves several components, best practices, and guidelines to enhance the grading process and facilitate ease of use. Included in this is the Moodle Gradebook, a robust tool for faculty to use to keep up with their students' grades. 1. Grading Best Practices Grade within the activity —when entering grades for...
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LSU has a variety of multimedia resources for instructors and students. Multimedia is a combination of text, images, audio, and/or video. GROK: Zoom Overview : Use Zoom to host live synchronous meetings with a class, group of peers, etc.
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