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This feature allows the primary instructor of a course to refresh the enrollment to immediately get the most current list of students enrolled in a Moodle course based on enrollment in the mainframe. Although Moodle rosters are automatically updated as students add/drop a course, it is an overnight process. After Reprocess is used, an instructor must wait a minimum of 1 hour to use the...
Article Id: 20261
Category: Setting up a Course

Moodle: Badges for Students Students may be awarded badges by achieving particular goals at LSU or in a course. This may happen automatically when certain performance goals are met, or when an authority awards the badge. When a badge is first awarded, you will see a notification on the bell...
Article Id: 20309
Category: Course Tools

The calendar can display site, course, group and or user events in addition to assignment and quiz deadlines, chat times and other course events. Calendar...
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Category: Course Tools

The manage subscriptions area allows users to add or remove external calendars that have been imported into a Moodle calendar. To Manage Your Subscriptions in Moodle Calendar: Log in to Moodle and select View my calendar under the ...
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Category: Course Tools

Moodle: Course Tools: Adding a Block Log into Moodle and select the desired course. Select Course Tools from the CONTENTS panel.
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Category: Course Tools

Moodle: Course Tools: Deleting a Block Log into Moodle and select the desired course. Select Course Tools from the CONTENTS panel.
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Category: Course Tools

The HTML block allows the user to create any kind of HTML content on the Course Tools page. From there, a title and content for the block may be supplied. Note: This block may be used multiple times, to display multiple blocks of content with different titles .
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Category: Course Tools

The Latest News block provides access to the Announcements forum (formerly known as News forum), which is a special forum for general announcements. ...
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Category: Course Tools

Moodle: Course Tools: RollSheet Block The RollSheet block makes it easy for the instructor to print out a rollsheet listing the students in the class, with or without pictures.
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Category: Course Tools

The Customer Weights aggregation method allows you to specify weights for grade items (and / or categories) independent from the maximum grades for those items. The item's weight will be multiplied by the percentage scored by the student, not the raw score. In this way, the weight you want a grade item to carry does not have to dictate the maximum grade you assign to that item. ...
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Category: Gradebook