TurningPoint: How to Poll in PowerPoint for Mac

**NOTICE: Due to the merger of Echo360 and Turning, the information in this article may be undergoing revision. We recommend visiting the PointSolutions Support and Resources page for the latest updates.


How to Poll in PowerPoint for Mac

1. Open TurningPoint and sign in with your Turning Account.

2. Plug in the receiver or establish a Mobile Responses session. 

3. Click PowerPoint Polling. The TurningPoint Dashboard window will close, then PowerPoint will open. If a question list was selected, TurningPoint will automatically parse the content into slides. If there are a large number of questions in the question list, this may take a few moments. 

4. Open the PowerPoint presentation that contains the question slides if content was not selected before PowerPoint was opened. 

5. Verify the correct participant list is loaded.

6. Start the Slide Show from the TurningPoint toolbar. Starting the Slide Show from the PowerPoint toolbar will result in the Slide Show running as non-interactive. 

Turning Point menu bar in Mac

7. Click Start to open polling. 

8. Click Stop to close polling. Press the spacebar, enter/return key, or down arrow to advance the slide. If using a mouse, a mouse click also advances the slide. Alternatively, a PresenterCard may be used to advance slides and control polling. 

9. Continue until the Slide Show is finished.

polling control bar in powerpoint taskbar


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