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Using Comments in Fusion 360: 1. The Comments section is located in the bottom left corner of Fusion 360. Click the + button to open the menu.
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Users do not need to be connected to a wireless network in order to work in Fusion360. To Work Offline: 1. On the right-hand side of the screen, select your name. 2. Choose Work Offline from the drop down menu.
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AutoCad allows users to pan and zoom over objects. To Zoom in AutoCad: 1. Open up AutoCad2017 from your Start menu. 2. Place your mouse over the item you would like to zoom in on and scroll towards it with your mouse. 3. Zoom to the...
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AutoCad Basics: This article will include the basics of how to use AudoCAD 2017. 1. To begin, launch AudoCAD 2017 and click Start Drawing at the left of the page.
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Create a Multileader in Autocad 2017: 1. Click the Multileader tool icon in the Annotation panel or type MLD in the command box.
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To Create Notes and Labels: 1. Open up AutoCAD 2017 2. Select the Text button under the Annotation tab on the ribbon.
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Managing Overlapping Objects in Autocad 2017: 1. While using Autocad, you may need to change the status of overlapping drawings. For example, in the picture below you can see that the blue and red lines are drawn over the yellow rectangle. To change this setting, first select the object that you want to edit. In this case we have selected the yellow...
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To Draw a Circle: 1. The Circle command is found in the draw tab of the ribbon. It can also be accessed by typing CIRCLE in the command bar.
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To Insert a Hatch or a Fill: 1. Create a space where you wish to have a hatch or fill (square, circle, rectangle,...
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To Draw a Line in AutoCad 2017: 1. Open AutoCad 2017 from the Start menu. 2. Select the line button within the Draw fieldbox at the top left of the screen.
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