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This feature allows the primary instructor of a course to refresh the enrollment to immediately get the most current list of students enrolled in a Moodle course based on enrollment in the mainframe. Although Moodle rosters are automatically updated as students add/drop a course, it is an overnight process. After Reprocess is used, an instructor must wait a minimum of 1 hour to use the...
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You can temporarily change your role in a Moodle course to view the course as a student (or other role) might see it. To Switch Your Role: Log on to Moodle and select the course. Go to the gear icon in the upper right corner to access the Course Administration menu.
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User bulk enrollment allows a course administrator to manually enroll multiple users as students in a course simultaneously. This is especially useful for courses that do not use UES enrollment methods. In order to use this method, you must have a list of user email addresses that you can copy and paste into Moodle. To bulk enroll users into a Moodle course: In your...
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The text editor has many icons to assist the user in entering content. Many of these icons and functions should be familiar to anyone who uses a word processor. Some examples of where you will see the text editor include: Editing Section headings, description of an activity, writing an answer to a quiz question, or adding a prompt to a forum. The default text editor in...
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PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to save any content from courses after the term is over, you have several options. The first option that we strongly recommend is to import the content into a Blueprint Course. For each course you teach, you can get a single Blueprint Course created. Instructors can use a Blueprint Course to create and...
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To Add A Quiz in Moodle: In the section where you would like to add a quiz, scroll to the bottom and click Create learning activity. On the All or Activities tab, select Quiz .
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VoiceThread is a collaborative tool that allows users to add images, documents, and videos, to which other users can add voice, text, audio file, or video comments. Most VoiceThread links should be graded, and there are several formats available for these assignments. See below for the types of VoiceThread available, and reference...
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Simple Restore allows you to restore content from a Moodle backup file into your current course and is accessed from Course Tools. The Course Tools link is located at the bottom of the left sidebar on your course main page. Click the Course Tools link and the Simple Restore block can be found near the bottom right of the screen (you will need to scroll down in order to see...
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Moodle provides an easy way for an instructor to present materials to their students, such as word-processed documents, slideshow presentations, PDF, and more. All types of files can be uploaded and accessed through Moodle, but the student needs to have the correct software to be able to open them. Files may be added by uploading from an external source, such as computer or USB drive, or by...
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The calendar can display site, course, group and or user events in addition to assignment and quiz deadlines, chat times and other course events. Calendar...
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