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To Share a Calendar in Outlook 2016: 1. Open Outlook 2016 . 2. At the bottom of the navigation panel at the left, select the Calendar icon.
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Taking Meeting Notes in Outlook 2016 1. Access Outlook 2016 . 2. Select or create an appointment. To do this, open the Calendar view at the bottom left corner of the window, right click the appointment day and select New Appointment .
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The following is a list of possible task shortcuts that can be found in Outlook 2016. Function ...
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To Add and Edit Stationary Settings in Windows Outlook 2016 1. Open Outlook 2016. 2. Choose File from the toolbar at the top of the screen.
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OneNote runs several background activities which can use up battery life on your laptop. OneNote can reduce these activities to improve battery life. To Customize Your Battery Life...
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To Add a Contact from Outlook to OneNote : You can insert contacts from Outlook into OneNote so you can take notes on...
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To Add an Audio Clip: 1. Click the location on the page where you want the audio clip. ...
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How To Automatically Start OneNote When Turning on Your Computer: For Windows 7 users: 1.
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Microsoft OneNote comes equipped with a calculation system to easily calculate numbers and basic mathematical functions. To Calculate a...
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By default, OneNote will store two backup copies of your notes: the most recent copy and the second-to-last copy. If desired, you can choose to store more or fewer backup copies. To Change Number and...
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