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To Download and Install EndNote X8on a Mac Operating System: 1. Download EndNote X8 from TigerWare. 2. Open the installer in the Downloads folder.
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To Install EndNote X8 on a Windows Operating System: 1. Log in to TigerWare . 2. At the bottom of the screen, download the EndNote X8 installer.
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TigerWare - PC/Mac: EndNote X7 - Guides, Tip Sheets, and Information Pages: EndNote Training - http://endnote.
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General Information LibX Louisiana State Edition is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer that provides direct access to LSU Libraries' resources. Search LSU Libraries' catalog directly from the LibX toolbar or...
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LibX Louisiana State Edition is an extension for Firefox and Google Chrome that allows a user to have direct access to the LSU Libraries' resources. The toolbar will allow a user to search the entire catalog. You can also search the catalog by using the right-click context menu. LibX also uses Google Scholar to search for articles that can be viewed electronically through the LSU...
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LibX Louisiana State Edition is a FireFox extension that allows users direct access to the LSU Library's resources. The tool bar will also allow a user to search the campus library's entire catalog. This article will teach users how to uninstall LibX Louisiana State Edition. Un-Install the LibX Add-on 1....
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