JMP Pro: Installation Instructions (Mac)


JMP Pro: Installation Instructions (Mac)

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How to Install JMP Pro on Mac: 

1. Visit the JMP Pro TigerWare webpage and select the Log In to Download button. 

Log In to Download button


2. Log in to the myLSU portal using your PAWS ID and password. 

myLSU portal


3. Select Mac and JMP Statistical Discovery 13 from the Select a Platform and Select a Version dropdown menus, respectively. 

TigerWare Platform/Software selection


4. Select the JMP Statistical Discovery 13 (Mac) download button.

JMP Statistical Discovery (Mac) download button


5. Once the .zip file has finished downloading, unzip the contents, then navigate to and open the .dmg installation file. 

NOTE: The .dmg file is nested within several folders. To find the .dmg file, select JMPPro_13-2_Mac > JMP > JMP_Pro > 13_2 > Macintosh > JMP-13.dmg.

JMP Pro .dmg file


6. Once the .dmg file has finished opening, the JMP-13-Installer disk will automatically appear. Open the JMP_Pro_13.pkg file.

JMP Pro Installation disk


7. After opening the .dmg installer file, select Continue.

JMP Pro Installer Introduction window


8. Select Continue again. 

JMP Pro Installer Installation Type window


9. Select Install

JMP Pro Installer Installation Type window - Install button


10. Log in with your Mac User Name and Password to give the computer permission to install the program then select Install Software.

Security window


11. When the installation is complete, select Close

JMP Pro Installer Summary window




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