Fusion360: Navigation Tools

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Navigation tools in Fusion 360

There are three ways to manipulate the view of your design: The Navigation Bar, the ViewCube, and the Mouse wheel button.

1. The Navigation Bar is at the bottom of the page and contains the following buttons:

fusion 360 navigation bar



Orbit: Use to rotate the current view.

 orbit icon

Look At: Use to view faces of a model from selected planes.

 look at icon

Pan: moves view parallel to the screen.

 pan icon

Zoom: Increases/Decreases the view magnification.

 zoom icon

Fit: Positions the model to the whole screen.

 fit icon

Display settings: Command set that allows changes to visibility options or camera settings.

 display icon

Grid and Snaps: Commands that allow specific increments to be set, as well and adding and changing settings for grids. 

 grid icon

Viewports: Use to add up to four viewports that allow one to work in one view and see changes in another.

 viewport icon

2. Use the View Cube to rotate the camera in the following ways:

  • To do a free orbit, drag the cube. 

  • To access standard orthographic and isometric views, click the faces and corners of the Cube. 

fusion home page with view cube circled

3.  Use the mouse to change the views in the following ways:

  • Scroll the Middle button to use the Zoom In/Out feature. 

  • Click and Hold the middle button to use the Pan feature. 

  • Click the Shift key+Middle button to use the Orbit feature. 


Referenced from: Autodesk.com


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