Silverlight: Installation Instructions Using Firefox (Windows 10)


These instructions are for customers running the Windows 10 Operating System and using Firefox as their web browser.

Installation Instructions:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.  To download and install Firefox, see Mozilla Firefox.

2. Download Microsoft Silverlight

3. Click the link next to Current version.

Microsoft Silverlight installation page

4. Click Save File.

Silverlight save file pop up window

5. Double-click the Silverlight.exe file from your downloads.

Silverlight file in Firefox's downloads drop-down tab

6. Click Run. If you get a User Account Control warning, then click Allow.

7. Click Install Now.

  • NOTE: Please make sure the extra boxes are unchecked if you do not want your browser altered.

Silverlight installation window


Referenced from: Microsoft

8/23/2017 9:59:01 AM