Windows 10: Installation Instructions (Clean Install)



To Clean Install Windows 10:

1. First, back up everything you want to keep on your PC.

2. Next plug in your Windows 10 Bootable USB (Click for instructions on how to create a Windows 10 bootable USB using Windows Media Creation Tool)

3. After opening it, double-click the Setup button to begin installation.

 setup button

4. The Get Important Updates screen will appear. Choose the Download and Install Updates (Recommended) option and then click Next. Windows will then begin checking for updates.

 install updates screen.

5. On the License Terms screen, select Agree.

 license terms screen

6. Windows will then check for updates again before the Ready for Install screen appears. Click Install.

 ready to install screen

7. Your computer will start rebooting. This may take several minutes.

8. Once it's finished, a welcome back screen should appear. Click Next.

welcome screen

9.Then select Express Settings in the bottom right-hand corner.

express settings button.

10. On the New apps for the New Windows screen, click Next.

 new apps screen.

11. Windows 10 should now be installed on your PC.

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