Enhanced Voice Messaging (EVM): LSU Overview

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General Information

Enhanced Voice Messaging automatically copies all voice messages from the user Modular Messaging voicemail box to the user e-mail inbox. Voice messages are saved as sound file attachments. The body of the email can include caller ID information if available. Messages delivered through this service are viewable from any device with an e-mail address, including desktops, laptops, cell phones, PDA’s, and smartphones. 


Eligibility & Order Procedures

Available To: Faculty, Staff, and LSU Technology Support Professionals (TSPs).

Request Service: Submit a University Networking & Infrastructure (UNI) Work Order.

Delivery Time: Up to 2 weeks.

Fees: There is a One-Time Only License Fee of $72.70  and there is a Monthly Recurring Fee of $0.83/month.

Device Management

1. Open the EVM Customer Web Site. (http://its-mutare.lsu.edu/)

2. Log in to EVM:

a. Enter your Voice Mailbox Number.

b. Enter your Voice Mail Password.

c. Click Login.

the EVM voicemail login page.


3. Add a Device to EVM:

a. Click the Add Device button to add settings for each device.

b. Select the Device Type(For desktop e-mail, cell phone, PDA, etc.)

c. Enter the Email Address. (If Device Type is Email Desktop.)

d. Enter the Phone Number and Carrier. (If Device Type is Cellular Notification.)

• Preferences for Attachments: Voice attachments; no attachments; attach all; or “urgent only” messages. (This field is disabled when cellular device is selected.)

• Format for conversion of audio files (.gsm or .mp3).

e. Click the Test button to make sure the device is set up correctly.

 • • EVM will send a test message to that device. It is only a test message for confirmation that the e-mail address was added successfully. The attachment and links within the test email are non-functioning.

f.  Click the SAVE button located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

the EVM settings page with save at the bottom right corner.


4. To Delete a Device:

a. Click the DELETE button next to the device that you want to delete.

b. Click the SAVE button.

5. To re-send ALL voicemail messages to your e-mail:

a. Check the Re-send me all messages to my mailbox checkbox. 

b. Click SAVE. This will send all messages archived in the user mailbox.

Message Management

Actionable links within the body of the e-mail delivered from EVM. These links may include any or all of the following:

1. Delete: Deletes original message from the voicemail inbox (if user opted to have sound file sent as an attachment, that file remains accessible until the email message is deleted).

2. Mark Read: Turns off the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) lamp on phone but leaves the message in the voicemail box.

3. Contacts (if installed and available): Opens a page where user can add or delete contact caller ID information (full name, phone number, email address). This information will be included in EVM messages deliveries from those respective callers. EVM messages from callers not included on the user contact list will include phone number (if available), time, and date of message only.

4. Settings: Opens User Settings page, where user can select devices and configure EVM message delivery preferences.

5. Delete All (if installed and available): Deletes all messages in user voicemail inbox. An additional confirmation must be clicked by the user before deletion for safety.

        Sample of an e-mail delivered from Enhanced Voicemail (EVM):

mutare voicemail example


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