JMP Statistical Discovery: LSU Overview


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General Information

Created by SAS to advance statistical discovery, every product in the JMP Software Suite is visual, interactive, comprehensive, and extendible. No matter what your field, there is a product that will help you connect with your data - whether you are new to statistical analysis or are a seasoned statistician.

Pre-Installation Notes

Review the System Requirements in order for JMP Statistical Discovery to function properly.

Available to LSU Faculty, Students, & Staff.

Download & Install from TigerWare

JMP Statistical Discovery on TigerWare

-- JMP Statistical Discovery: Installation Instructions (Windows)

-- JMP Statistical Discovery: Installation Instructions (Mac)

Training & Support

JMP Online Documentation

JMP Online User Community

JMP Available Training

JMP Statistical Discovery User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of JMP?
As of July 2016, JMP® 12 is the latest version of JMP and is available on Windows Vista SP2 (excluding Home Basic) through Windows 10, and Mac OS X. The latest release is 12.1.

How can I obtain maintenance upgrades to JMP software?
Maintenance upgrades are available from the JMP website. Site license customers may also be sent a maintenance CD that can be used to upgrade the software to the current release.

What versions of JMP software are supported by Technical Support?
Technical Support will investigate all reported problems, and provide circumventions where possible for all current shipping versions of JMP®.  Technical support will attempt to answer questions on non-current releases of JMP®, but no updates or bug fixes will be provided for these versions.

For more FAQs from the JMP main site, see


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