VLC Media Player: Desktop Streaming


Desktop Streaming

Server Side Configuration:  Perform this On the Desktop you want to Stream From.

1. Open VLC Media Player.

VLC Media player

2. Select the Media menu at the top left, then select Open Capture Device.

Open Capture Device option in menu

3. The default Capture Mode is DirectShow. Change the Capture Mode to Desktop.

selecting Desktop Capture Mode from drop down

4. Change the Desired Frame Rate for the Capture to 15(Customize the Frame Rate according to your needs.)

Changing the frame rate under Options section

5. Select Stream by clicking on the small arrow tab at the right side of the Play button in the bottom right hand corner.

Stream option

6. Select Next at the bottom right.

Stream Output Window

7. Check the box for Display Locally at the lower left. Then click on the drop-down arrow next to New Destination and set it to UDP legacy.

Active Transcoding, Local Display & UDP activation

8. Click on Add at the right.

9. In the Address field, specify the IP address of the destination machine (client machine) on which you are streaming the desktop to.

Note: With UDP, do not enter the IP Address of the Server.  Instead, enter the IP Address of the Receiving Computer or Multicast.

IP Address text field

10. Specify the Port Number as 1234, then click next at the bottom right.

Port Number Selection

11. Click the checkbox next to Activate Transcoding at the upper left.

Transcoding Adjustment Screen

12. Specify the video options by clicking on the Tools icon the tools icon, located next to the Profile dropdown. You can change the Encapsulation (file type), video codec, audio codec, and subtitles options here.

Transcoding Options

13. Under the video codec tab, edit the Bit rate, Frame Rate & Resolution/Filters to optimize the video quality.

Bit Rate & Frame Rate properties

14.  Click Save at the bottom when done.

Audio Codec Window

15. Click on the Next button in the bottom right hand corner.

Stream Output Window Transcoding Options

16. Click on the Stream button in the bottom right hand corner.

Stream Output Window Miscellaneous Options

17. Now enter the IP address of the destination machine, and select the Play button at the bottom right.

Network Protocol Play Button


Client Side Configuration:   Perform this on the desktop for the IP Address you specified initially for streaming.?

1. Open VLC Media Player on the client machine.

2. Click on the Media menu at the top left, then select Open Network Stream.

Open Network Stream Dropdown

3. Specify the Protocol as UDP

a. Click on the drop-down arrow below Protocol.

b. Specify the IP Address of the machine.  This is the same IP Address that was specified while configuring the VLC Server.

c. Specify the Port Number to 1234.

NOTE: The Protocol (UDP), IP Address (IP Address of the machine on which you want to stream the Desktop) & the Port (1234) remains the same as specified earlier during the set up.

Open Media Selection

4. Click Play, located on the bottom right hand corner of the window.

5. You are now viewing the other (server) computer's desktop on this (client) computer using VLC video player.


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7/24/2017 1:19:27 PM