VirtualBox 5: Saving the State of the Machine



Saving the Virtual Machine State:

To close virtual machine, users can simply click the x in the top right corner, or press the host key + Q.

After closing the virtual machine window, VirtualBox will ask if you want to save, send the shutdown signal, or power off the VM.

The close virtual machine screen.

The three options given are critical:

  1. Save the machine state: The virtual machine will be "frozen" and VirtualBox entirely saves its state to the user's local disk. The virtual machine will resume in the same position that you left in when you start it again. The user's computer will resume operation and the programs will still be available.
  2. Send the shutdown signal: For this option, the virtual machine receives an ACPI shutdown signal. This is the equivalent of pressing the power button on an actual computer. If the virtual machine is running a reasonably contemporary OS, this should be an appropriate way to shutdown the virtual machine.
  3. Power off the machine: This option also permits the virtual machine to stop running, but it does not save the state of the VM. In comparison to a real computer this option is similar to pulling the power cord. When restarted, the system will have to go through an extensive inspection of the virtual disks. This option should be avoided as much as possible, due to a potential loss of information.

The same results as powering off the machine will be achieved when pressing the Discard button in the main window of VirtualBox.

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