Silverlight: Installation Instructions Using Safari (Mac OS X)


These instructions are for customers running the Mac OSX Operating System & using Safari as your web browser.

Installation Instructions

1. Open Safari.  To download & install Safari, see Apple Safari.

2. Download Microsoft Silverlight.

  • If you have an older version of Silverlight running on your computer, you will be told the version currently running.
  • You will be asked to upgrade to the latest version of Silverlight. 

3. Click Download Now.

Silverlight download button.

4. Click the Silverlight Link.

Silverlight link

5. Click Continue

Continue button.

6. Click Continue (again).

Another continue button.

7. Click Continue (again).

continue button

8.  Click Agree to Accept the Silverlight License Agreement

Agree button.

9. Select your Macintosh HD & click Continue

Continue button..

10. Click Install.

Install button.

11. If requested, enter your Name & Password for the computer.  

  • NOTE: This is NOT your PAWS ID & Password.  This is the Administrator of the computer.

12. Click OK.

Installer sign in window

13. Click Close when he Install Succeeded box appears.

 Install successful, close button.

Referenced from: Microsoft Silverlight

2/15/2017 10:23:22 AM