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General Information LSU offers Active Students, Faculty, & Staff a secure web site where you can Download FREE & DISCOUNTED S oftware . TigerWare provides an array of Software compatible with the following Operating...
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When trying to install applications from Tigerware, your Mac (running MacOS Mojave or greater) may display an error message indicating the application is "damaged and can't be opened" and request you "Eject disk image". This is due to MacOS's "Gatekeeper" which is intended to prevent users from installing anything that has not been vetted by Apple.
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Computer Labs: LSU Overview Multimedia Classrooms: LSU Overview LSU Campus License Agreements Virtual...
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General Information AutoCAD is a trusted software tool, and industry standard, that designs and documents projects for designers, architects,...
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General Information Autodesk is an American software corporation that designs applications for the engineering, architecture, manufacturing, construction,...
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General Information This article will guide you through the process of accessing and downloading Autodesk software. If you do not have an Autodesk Account or need help with creating one, please visit AutoDesk: How to Create an Autodesk Account.
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Create an AutoDesk Account This article will help guide you through the process of creating an Autodesk account. 1. Go to & click Sign In . 2....
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General Information This article will guide you through the process of creating an Academic Resource Center (ARC) account. In Autodesk, this has changed to the term Educational Community and the type of account is referred to as an educational institution account (separate from a student or educator account).
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Fusion360 Installation: 1. Access the Autodesk website download page for Fusion360. Locate the Get Access button in the middle of the screen. Afterwards, click Download Now.
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Adding a Simulation to Fusion360: 1. Open the Model drop down menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen, and select Simulation .
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