GanttProject: Adding Time Off for Resources


GanttProject allows the user to set time off from work for individual resources for vacations, leave, etc.

NOTE: Weekends are automatically listed as days off. You can only edit this when you create a new project. If you wish to edit weekends on an existing project, you will have to create a new project and then import information from the old one.

Adding Time Off for Resources:

1. Select the Resources tab on the top left of the window, and right-click on the resource for which time off needs to be added. From the resulting menu, click on Resource Properties.

resources tab with human properties highlighted from the menu pulled down from right clicking.

2. The resources window will appear. Select the Days off tab at the top of the window. Click the button to the right of the start date entry field. A calendar will appear to allow the user to select a start date. Repeat this for the end date as well. When the dates have been selected, click the Add button at the left under the End date field.

 days off tab with add at the left of the window and calendar highlighted.

3. The selected time period will be shown below the Add and Delete buttons. The user may select an additional time period to add if it is desired. When the user is finished adding time off, click OK at the bottom of the window.

days off tab with OK highlighted at the bottom of the window.

4. The time periods that have been selected will now appear in the resource calendar.

 new resource calendar.


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