FilesToGeaux: Frequently Asked Questions

List of Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to FilestoGeaux:

What is FilesToGeaux?
FilesToGeaux is a service which allows you to upload arbitrary files to our Web server. Once you’ve uploaded your file(s), the server will give you a url which you can use to access the files. The url can be sent via e-mail, messenger services, etc. to other people with whom you collaborate.

How long will uploads exist on the FilesToGeaux server?
Currently FilesToGeaux will delete any uploads that are older than 90 days.

What’s my quota?
All users enjoy a 3000 MB quota. This is subject to revision.

What does the optional encryption password do?
Ordinarily files uploaded to FilesToGeaux are stored “as-is.” That means if you upload a text file, it will exist as a text file on the FilesToGeaux server and it is possible, though unlikely, that someone could gain unauthorized access to FilesToGeaux and read that file.

For this reason FilesToGeaux allows you to enter an (optional) encryption password prior to file upload. The password you enter is used to encrypt your file on the FilesToGeaux server. This password must also be used when the file is downloaded in order to properly decrypt the contents.

NOTE: The FilesToGeaux server never stores your password. Your password is only used to encrypt and then to decrypt the data. If you forget your password or you mistype it during file upload then there is no way to recover the original data. In that case you should delete the file from the FilesToGeaux server and re-upload it with the correct password.

Note also that giving your uploaded files a password provides an additional level of security for the url that’s generated. Someone who learns the url of a file that you’ve uploaded will still need to know your upload password in order to properly decrypt your file.

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