DBAN: Erasing Hard Disks

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Erase a Computer Hard Drive

1. Burn the DBAN program from TigerWare onto a CD.

2. Place the CD with DBAN on it into the drive of the computer that you want to Erase.

3. Reboot your computer.  DBAN will start when the computer boots up.

PLEASE NOTE:  If this does not appear, you first have to tell the computer to boot up from the CD/DVD drive instead of the hard drive.  

  -- The method used to boot up from the disk varies; however if you hold down the F12 key while the computer is booting up, it will boot from the CD/DVD in most cases.  

More information on this topic can be found at pcsupport.about.com/od/tipstricks/ht/bootcddvd.htm.

dban start screen

4. Type dodshort next to where the screen says boot. By typing this command instead of some others, you will not have to worry about which partitions of hard drives to delete.  DBAN will DELETE THE ENTIRE DISK.

boot: dodshort shown typed in the command line

5. Press Enter.

DBAN will begin the process of wiping the hard disk. You will see a Statistics screen with the remaining time until the hard disk is clear.  

  • Most computers take between 5 - 6 Hours to clean the entire hard disk.
  • Most laptops take between 0 - 60 Hours to clean the entire hard disk.

dban statistics and run screen


NOTE: DBAN will eventually finish running and your entire hard disk will be wiped clean.


Referenced from: dban.org

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