Student Tech Fee: Programs & Services Administered by ITS (Academic Year 2007-2008)

Archived Historical Data: Not Actively Maintained.

Programs & Services Administered by ITS

Some of the programs and services funded by the Student Technology Fee are administered by Information Technology Services (ITS). During the 2007-2008 academic year, the Tech Fee Oversight Committee allocated to ITS $2.7 million, or approximately 68 percent of total Tech Fee budget, to administer programs and services to meet the two primary objectives of the Tech Fee program:

  • Public Access Labs
  • Kiosks
  • The Virtual Lab
  • Adaptive Technologies
  • GROK Technical Knowledgebase
  • New Student Orientation CD
  • Services in the LSU Library Information Commons
  • Microsoft Campus Agreement
  • Student E-mail 
  • Student Web-hosting
  • Other Campus Software License Agreements for LSU Students

** The Student Technology Fee also provides LSU Students with employment opportunities that enhance future career options via real-world experience. 

  • Note:  Salaries of full-time staff who contribute to the mission of the Student Tech Fee are paid from the ITS budget, not from Student Technology Fee.

Detailed Expenditures by Category

  • The below pie chart details the expenditures for Student Tech Fee Programs & Services by category:

2007-2008 STF Pie Chart

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