LSUMail: Banned Attachment Types


As a proactive measure to fighting new virus outbreaks, LSU blocks e-mail containing attachment types that are commonly used to propagate Internet viruses and worms. None of these attachment types are allowed into our e-mail systems from the Internet, and most of these attachment types are not permitted to be sent within the LSU e-mail systems as well. Anyone attempting to send a message with these attachment types will receive an "E-mail rejected due to attachment" or "5.7.1" error.

Note: ZIP files are now permitted to be sent via e-mail; however, e-mails containing ZIP files will be blocked if the ZIP file contains one of the file types below.

List of Prohibited Attachments

Please see the following link for the up-to-date list of prohibited files.

Safely Share Files

If you need to share one of the file types above, please use a file sharing option such as FilesToGeaux.





3/28/2024 1:31:41 PM