Evolution: Managing Spam/Creating New Filter Rules


Evolution allows the user to filter mail by dividing it into different folders, automatically deleting it, highlighting it, or other actions based on criteria-specific information in the e-mail. This can be useful if you want certain emails to go directly to your spam or junk folder. 

Set up an E-mail Filter

1. To do this, the Mail tab in the lower left pane must first be selected:

Evolution Mail tab in pane

2. Click the Edit menu at the top of the window then click Message Filters near the bottom of the menu.

Evolution edit menu with message filters option selected

3. When the window pops up, select Add at the right side of the window.

Add button for message filters

4. In the top fields, type in the Search Name and then choose the filtering instructions.

Search Name and Filtering Instructions

5. In the bottom fields, select the instructions for what Evolution will do with the filtered mail.

setting actions for Filtered Mail

6. You can add multiple filtering instructions for both fields.

7. Click OK at the bottom right corner twice to finish filtering.

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1/26/2018 2:29:17 PM