Evolution: Adding Appointments to the Calendar


Setting an appointment is very similar to adding events on the calendar with the exception that adding an appointment allows the user to be more specific and include the end along with the beginning of the appointment. This article will show users how to set up an appointment in Evolution.

To Set Up an Appointment:

1. With the Calendar shortcut selected, click on the drop-down arrow next to New.

Evolution Mail window with new calendar dropdown menu shown

2. Select Appointment and an appointment window should pop up.

Evolution Mail window with calendar appointment summary shown

3. After creating a summary, you can add attachments, select a different time zone, and choose to add an alarm.

4. Once finished, click Save by selecting file  at the top right and clicking Save. The appointment will be displayed as the appropriate time and date on the calendar.

Evolution Mail window with calendar appointment summary showing to click save button


Referenced from: Projects.gnome.org/evolution/

8/3/2017 9:45:04 AM