Evolution: Accessing the Calendar


Evolution is a mail client for Linux.  It has a built-in calendar application that allows the user to create different categories and the ability to overlap those categories into one calendar.

To Access the Calendar:

1. Click on the shortcut at the bottom-left pane on the screen labeled Calendars.

evolution mail main window with calendar icon highlighted

2. Under the On This Computer heading, the calendar will already have a category labeled Personal. You can choose to delete this category and/or add a new one.

Evolution Mail with calendar option shown.

NOTE: To modify the calendar categories, right-click on the Personal category for a list of options. If you choose to add a new calendar, it is recommended that you select On This Computer in the Type box. Then, select the name and color of the new category and it will be added to your category list.


Referenced from: Projects.gnome.org/evolution/


7/25/2017 3:57:56 PM