Evolution: Attaching a Signature


In order to keep a professional look in an e-mail, it can be helpful to implement a personal signature on all related outgoing messages. Doing this is fairly simple and can also distinguish your e-mail from any attempts of identity theft.

To Create a Signature:

1. From the Edit drop-down menu at the top of the window, select Preferences, the last option listed.

Preferences highlighted in Edit menu

2. On the left side panel click Composer Preferences, then select the Signatures tab at the top of the window.

Composer Preferences tab and Settings tab highlighted

3. Click the Add button at the far top right of the window, which should open a new window allowing you to edit your signature.

The Add button highlighted

4. Once you create a name and a signature, click the File menu at the top right corner, then click on Save and Close and you should now be able to access the signature whenever you compose a message.

NOTE: To further customize your signature, such as changing color, adding an image, and etc., be sure to enable HTML format in the Format menu from the top of the Edit Signature window.

Save and Close option in File menu

Referenced from: help.gnome.org

1/30/2018 8:23:42 AM