Outlook 2016: Using Personal Stationery

To Add and Edit Stationery Settings in Windows Outlook 2016

1. Open Outlook 2016.

2. Choose File from the toolbar at the top of the screen.

File tab on the home toolbar

3. Switch to Options on the sidebar.

Options tab on the sidebar

4. A window for Outlook Options should appear. Click Mail | Stationery, and Fonts.

Stationery and Fonts option in the Mail tab in the Outlook options window

5. In the Stationery window, there are several options for editing stationery. Use the guides below to help with the personalization of Stationery and once complete, move on to Step 6.

Options for editing Stationery and Fonts

  • Theme/Stationery
  • Font for New Mail Messages
  • Font for Replying or Forwarding Messages
    •  Mark my comments with: [your name]
    •  Pick a new color when replying or forwarding
  • Font for composing and reading plain text messages.

To Choose a Theme or Stationery:

1. Click Theme in the Personal Stationery window.

Options for choosing Themes in the Signature window

2. Choose from the available themes in the Dropdown Menu.

List of available themes and Stationery

3. Choose whether or not to use the Font from the selected theme, and when finished press OK.

Dropdown menu for the theme's Font options

To Choose a Font for Messages:

1. Click Font on either New Mail Messages, Replying or Forwarding Messages, or Composing and Reading Plain Test Messages.

Font options in the Signature window

2. In the new dialog box, choose your desired Font. Once finished press OK.

list of available fonts for messages in Outlook

3. The new Stationery and Fonts should appear in all new outgoing emails.

New email with desired changes to Stationery, Themes, and Fonts


Referenced from: Microsoft

4/15/2024 8:32:29 AM