Office: How to Uninstall Your Office Programs (Windows)

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Uninstalling Office from Windows

There are two major ways of uninstalling office from your computer. You can either uninstall Office through the Control Panel from your Windows computer, or downloading the uninstall tool located in the office webpage.

Uninstalling Office through Control Panel

1. To access the Control Panel, simply search it in the cortana bar.

Search for the Control Panel in the start menu.

2. Once in the Control Panel window, click Uninstall a Program under "programs"

Programs in the Control Panel window

3. On the Uninstall a Program screen, look for Microsoft Office from the program list, and select uninstall.

uninstall Microsoft Office from the liste of installed programs

Uninstalling Office from the Tool

1. Scroll down, and download the tool from the Microsoft website.

Downloading the uninstallation tool from the Microsoft Website.

2. Open the uninstaller, and follow the instructions from the uninstallation process. Once the process is finshed, Microsoft Office has been removed from your computer.

Uninstallation of the program downloaded onGoogle Chrome


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