EssentialPIM: Installation Instructions (Windows)


To Install EssentialPIM on Your Windows Operating System:

1. Log in to TigerWare and open the EssentialPIM download.

EssentialPIM download page on tigerware 

2. The EssentialPIM setup wizard will appear. Click Next to begin. 

essential PIM setup wizard

3. Read through the License agreement and if you agree to the terms, select I Agree. 

EssentialPIM lisence agreement

4. Choose the installation location for the program and click Next. 

choosing installation location for Essential pim

5. Pick which components of the program that you want to install and click Install. 

choosing installation components for essential PIM

6. The installation is complete. Click Finish. 

installation completion window

7. EssentialPIM should now be installed on your computer.


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8/23/2017 10:07:42 AM