MicrOsiris: Installation Instructions (Windows)


Installing MircOsiris to your Windows device:

1. Select the download link from TigerWare.

MicroOsiris download page

2. A folder containing a link to the application will open. Click the link. 

MicroOsiris application link

3.  The MicrOsiris setup wizard will open. Click Next. 

MicroOsiris setup wizard intro screen

4. Read through the license agreement and if you agree to the terms check the I Accept option then click Next. 

MicrOsiris lisence agreement

5. Next you can choose whether or not you want desktop icons to be created. Check the boxes of the icons you want then click Next. 

MircOsiris installation process- additional tasks window

6. Click Install after reviewing the settings of the installation. 

Ready to install window-Microsiris installation

7. The next window contains some information about MicrOsiris. When you are done reading it, click Next. 

microsiris information window

8. Click Finish to complete the installation process. 

 Click Finish to complete the installation process. 


Referenced from: Microsiris.com

7/19/2018 10:03:52 AM