Fusion 360: Create a Sketch


To Create a Sketch:

1. Click on the Sketch tab at the top and select Create Sketch.

The Sketch tab with Create Sketch in focus

2. Select the plane that you wish to have your sketch on by selecting one of the three rectangles.

Choosing which plane the sketch will go in

3. The plane should move allowing you to focus in on that plane. Click the Sketch tab and select Line. The hotkey L also selects a line if you wish to do so.

Sketch tab with Line in focus

4. Click a point on the plane. If you are near one of the corners of the gray grid squares, a blue square will snap the point to that specific corner. 

Choosing a point with the blue rectangle snapping to a corner

5. To create a line, drag your mouse to the desired location or type in the desired distance. If you wish to change the degrees at which the line is made, click the tab key.

 Showing the dragging method and typing in method for creating a line

6. Repeat until your sketch is complete. When complete, click Stop Sketch in the top right hand side of the window. The plane should revert back to its original postion.

Stop Sketch button


To Edit a Sketch:

1. To Edit a Sketch, right click your sketch and select Edit Sketch.

 Edit Sketch option

2. Clicking Edit Sketch will return you to the Create Sketch screen that you were at previously, enabling you to edit anything about the sketch or expand it.


Referenced from: Autodesk.com

7/17/2018 11:48:43 AM