DzSoft Perl Editor: Installation Instructions


To Install DzSoft Perl Editor:

1. Download from TigerWare by clicking on the button that says DzSoft Perl Editor at the bottom of that page. 

  • NOTE: This software is eligible for active faculty, students, and staff. For licensing instructions, please refer to DzSoft Perl Editor: LSU Overview under the Availability & Eligibility category.

2. Open the DzSoft Perl Editor Installation file from your download location. The installation window will pop up; click Next at the bottom right.

The DzSoft Perl Editor installation welcome screen

3. Click the checkbox near the bottom left that states you agree to the terms of the License Agreement, then click Next again.

DzSoft Perl Editor license agreement

4. Select the installation location folder by clicking browse and finding a folder. Click Next when you're ready.

The DzSoft Perl Editor installation location choosing screen

5. Select the additional tasks you wish to be done with the installation by checking the boxes by the options. Click Next when ready. 

DzSoft Perl Editor select additional tasks window

6. Review the options of the installation and click Install when ready to start the process. 

DzSoft Perl Editor ready to install screen

7. Once the installation has completed, an installation success window will appear. Click Finish at the bottom right of the window.

The DzSoft Perl Editor Installation complete screen


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