Blender: Installation Instructions


Installing Blender

1. Log in Tigerware.  Type Blender into the search bar and hit Enter.

tigerware homepage

2. Open the Blender entry.

3. Click the blue download box that says Blender 2.75a (Windows 32-bit) or Blender 2.75a (Windows 64-bit). 

Blender tigerware download options

4. Click the Blender download button that pops up at the bottom of the screen. 

google chrome download options

5. The Blender setup wizard will appear. Click Next.  

Blender setup wizard

6. Check the box that says I Accept the terms in the License Agreement if you agree with the terms. Click Next

Blender installment license agreement

7. The next window is the Custom Setup window.  Here you can select the features you want to be installed. Click Next to continue. 

Blender installation custom settings

8. Click Install to start the installation. 

Blender ready to install window

9. Click Finish to complete the process.   

Finish installation window for Blender

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